Villanova University's Official Solar Powered Car!
The car promotes the use of solar power while allowing students to learn not only responsibility and teamwork but also the creativity and decision making that is sure to be useful in their future endeavours. The Solarcat II (shown above) weighed only 480 pounds and was able to reach speeds of seventy miles per hour. It was managed and run by student members of Team Solarcat who acquired the assistance of advisors only for large decision making.

Team Solarcat has won a variety of races and even set records in past years. The team attained first place honors in the 1992 American Tour De Sol and the Charlotte Motor Speedway University Challenge along with attaining second place honors in the 1991 American Tour De Sol. At Pocono International Raceway Solarcat set a solar vehicle speed record and has received considerable television coverage for its efforts from networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and ESPN.

At present, Team Solarcat is rebuilding the Electric Mule for the use of the technicians in CEER. Soon after the 12-volt system of the Mule is repaired, work will begin on the Electric Commuter Car. The Commuter Car may race in the Y2K Tour de Sol. The final project is the Solarcat 3.5: rebuilding the unfortunate leftovers of Solarcat III. This will be the biggest project. The Solarcat 3.5 is being prepared for the 2001 Sunrayce.

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