• These are the schematics I used to build my first set of plasma tweeters. Some of the resistor values were difficult to find, so I used two in series, hence the 51k+12k nomenclature.
    ## 10/5/00: NOTE:There was an error in my original tweeter schematic: the 4.7nF cap on the collector of the BF869 was connected to the emitter. This error has been fixed.##
    ## 3/8/01: NOTE: This schematics shown below are new, but electrically similar to the originals, with the exception that the crossover point is fixed at 530Hz and the volume and flame controls are independent. I suggest omitting the fan circuit since it causes noise and the two fuses on the filament power. The best place for an extra fuse would be on the 600v rail supply.##

    Tweeter Schematic:

    Tweeter Schematic

    Power Supply Schematic:

    Power Supply Schematic

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