Assignments and Labs

The assignments will be posted below on Mondays, and will be due one week later. You are welcome to work in groups of two, but you should hand in your own writeups.


Click the links to download the Homwork and Solutions.

Homework Due Solutions
HW1 January 29, 2018 HW1 Solutions
HW2 February 12, 2018 HW2 Solutions
HW3 February 19, 2018 HW3 Solutions
HW4 March 2, 2018 HW4 Solutions
HW5 March 26, 2018 HW5 Solutions
HW6 April 13, 2018 HW6 Solutions
HW7 May 7, 2018 HW7 Solutions
HW8 HW8 Solutions


Lab assignments are available on Labs.